Little foursquare-tool – „When Will I Be Mayor?“

A few days ago a friend posted an interesting link on twitter. It was a link to „When Will I Be Mayor?“ – a funny tool to find out how many check-ins do you need to get the mayor of your favourite places on foursquare.

I liked it from the first time I visited the page, because it’s so easy to use, simple design, really nice.

Little foursquare-tool - "When Will I Be Mayor?"

It’s really easy to create an account. Choose you profile name, fill in your password twice and remember your email-adress for the registration. And then you only have to confirm your mail-adress and connect your new account with your 4sq-account.

The first time I’ve tryed to log in, I wasn’t sitting in front of my macbook. It was in front of the PC of a friend and he was logged in to 4sq. I didn’t know that and then I connected my „When Wil I Be Mayor?“-account to 4sq…you know what has happend.

So I send an email to Greg with the request to delete my account. He replyed fast and was so kind to me. A good service! He didn’t delete my account but make it possible to re-connect to 4sq with my own 4sq-account. So I didn’t have to create a new account. Thanks again, Greg!

But how does „When Will I Be Mayor?“ look like?

Little foursquare-tool - "When Will I Be Mayor?"

Smart in my opinion. It tells you all relevant things about your check-in-points and how to get the mayor.

And 4 days ago, Greg send me a link for my blogpost – new features are announced and included, like statistics, search by venue and venue ID and sharing.

You can also follow Greg and „When Will I Be Mayor?“ on Twitter.

Greg, you made my day! Thanks.

Edit (11/06/2010): This post you can find at


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